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10th Oct 2019

MovieButts #2 Steven Spielberg The early years, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial & 1941

Episode 2. The data is in! We discuss the early films of Spielberg. ‘E.T. The Extra Terrestrial’ and the “CULT CLASSIC” ‘1941’. We ask the big question, is Spielberg an alien or just an unfunny guy. Dane rambles on about his stupid not at all well-thought-out theory on the social politics of a movie about a boy and an alien, while Aunty Joe does his best to make this podcast good. ENJOY! [fart noise]

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Where Dane & Aunty Joe butt heads on the best and worst movies in a differently weekly category.
Each week we take the best and worst films from a filmmaker or franchise and discuss why one worked and one didn't. And we use freakin maths to determine the best and worst, so no arguing. Unless you think science is wrong???...yeah thought so.

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