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6th Feb 2020

MovieButts #16 Cynical Oscar Predictions!

This is our super cynical yet honest Predictions for the Academy Awards!

Joe calls this "cynical Oscar predictions" but it just means we're trying to accurately guess what the Academy would pick. Because there's nothing more cynical than a racist, sexist, and all round bigoted Industry run and owned by a small group of elite perverts that pander to a crowd of progressives who sell their soul to get a leg up in an industry that will eventually consume them for everything their worth and leave nothing behind, making only the horrible monsters that dictate it more powerful and heinous than ever before. So strap yourself in for an evening of stars and wonder! Its tinsel town's night of nights! And we'll keep up the charade until it burns to the ground. STARRING BRAD PITT. PARASITE. QUENTIN TARANTINO. SOME GAY DUDE. LAURA DERN. JOKER.

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