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19th Jan 2020

MovieButts #14 Every Hellboy! Originals & The Bad Remake

We cheat this week and watch 3 films, The original Guillermo Del Toro films & The 2019 Reboot..... Because we enjoy pain.

We watch the recent pathetic cashgrab Hellboy (2019) starring the guy from Stranger Things and the chick from Resident Evil doing an English accent I think. It's rated R!!! We also watch the good Del Toro movies, Hellboy and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. There will never be a Hellboy 3 because Hollywood is a creative void, a soulless husk fuelled by greed and depravity. Say your prayers kids. We're all gonna die!

But at least gritty reboots are finally dead! YAY!!!

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